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Understanding Clinical Soft Tissue Therapy and Medical Acupuncture

As a result of accidents or the daily physical and emotional stresses of life, many people suffer from injury to the soft tissues of their body. The soft tissues are the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other tissues that are not bones. This is the tissue that holds you together and moves you around. It is the muscles that cramp and spasm in pain, not bones. In fact, bones donít hurt unless they are broken, infected or malignant. Soft tissue is the most common source of chronic pain, and is virtually ignored and untreated by conventional medicine.

What is good medical acupuncture therapy? Medical acupuncture combines a number of natural techniques to treat your soft tissue conditions and problems. It is the use of the hands to massage, stretch and mobilize the musculoskeletal system of the body. It may involve deep tissue treatment, acupressure or acupuncture, or passive range of motion of joints. Moist heat, cold packs, topical liniments, and other forms of natural manual therapy are often used during treatment.

When you receive soft tissue therapy, the medical acupuncturist who treats you will treat the specific area that you are having problems with. It is important that you consult with a professionally trained medical acupuncturist if you have a specific musculoskeletal problem. The medical acupuncturist will have the training to treat your specific condition and to work closely with your chiropractic or medial physician. Seek out a medical acupuncturist who has completed a state-licensed training program in medical acupuncture and who is board certified by the American Manual Medicine Association. Just like there are different kinds of nurses and training for nurses there are different levels of professional practice in acupuncture as well.

The medical acupuncturist will treat you in accordance with your medial doctorís diagnosis and will provide you with an ongoing therapeutic program. The therapeutic and physiological effects of medical acupuncture are well documented and many chiropractic and medical physicians work directly with medical acupuncturists. Medical acupuncture is effective for both acute and chronic problems and it can be performed right along with your chiropractic, medical, and physical therapy treatments. The medical acupuncturist is a specialist in soft tissue therapy and disease.

An important benefit of medical acupuncture is the correction and prevention of chronic progressive physical deterioration, the kind of deterioration that injures joints and becomes arthritis and joint degeneration. How does medical acupuncture dog this? The two most important elements to musculoskeletal health are elimination of inflammation and restoration of normal movement. Medical acupuncture combined with your therapeutic exercise program will accomplish these important goals. If you have joints that are sore or painful, if you have lost the ability to turn your neck or open a jar, then you already have joint degeneration and it is very important that you receive medical acupuncture in order to prevent further deterioration that occurs with this progressive disorder.

Your best therapy for musculoskeletal conditions is medical acupuncture because no other form of therapy is as detailed in addressing musculoskeletal degeneration or assisting your recovery from an accident. Medical acupuncture, medical manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and the use of gentle rehabilitation modalities like therapeutic heat, cold, hydrotherapy, and percussion devices combine to create an effective treatment program. Medical acupuncture is your natural alternative and works to assist your chiropractic and medical physician in their role in helping your get better. Medical acupuncture, chiropractic, and medial care and work together for you and your musculoskeletal good health.


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